Syntax Help: Free-Text Searching

The HDAS syntax is given in the table below. In each paragraph, the equivalent in each native interface is given, along with a short explanation.

Applies to …HDAS SyntaxNotes
ORORcat OR mouse. OR/1-3 not supported on HDAS
ANDANDcat AND mouse
NOTNOTcat NOT mouse
Mandatory/mandated wildcard# 
Multiple mandated wildcard## 
Optional wildcard?Proquest is exception (0-10 characters)
Right-hand truncation*n nurs*3 Not supported on EBSCO
Phrase searchAutomatic ADJ, also ", 'Will auto-correct if you put in ''s
Proximity search (ordered)ADJmathematical ADJ model
Proximity search (unordered)ADJnmathematical ADJ3 model
Right-hand truncation/Phrase Search - thesaurus search"--*--"